Saturday 22 September 2012

Greetings, SkyVector !

Update 18 April 2017: completely re-written iNavCalc mobile apps with streamlined command-line interface for iOS, Android, and Windows 10

Update 23 September 2015: now supports the recently-modified SkyVector URL (exported link) format

Update 15 March 2014: iNavCalc: a complete nav planning solution for SkyVector

Update: iNavCalc V3.0 mobile app now released

Update: iNavCalc now includes NAVCOM frequencies

Update: iNavCalc now includes NOTAMs

Update: related, see recently-added Route Viewer which further extends the route-sharing capabilities of iNavCalc...

Always on the lookout for fun flying apps, I recently came across SkyVector . This is a very cool, free, web-based application which provides vectorised aviation charts with global coverage. You can define your own route via a simple waypoint entry dialog. At present, there is no flight-planning capability beyond the basic route-entry. However, you can simply copy-and-paste the list of waypoints from the SkyVector dialog into the subject-line of an email and send it to . A few seconds later you will receive a full VFR nav plan by email (click here for an introduction to this free service, and here for a detailed example).

Here's a worked example...

First open the SkyVector web-page (I used Chrome on a Windows 7 PC, in this example). Then specify your desired route as a sequence of space-separated waypoint identifiers in the Flight Plan dialog. In this example, I've specified the route from Newcastle airport (EGNT) to Isle of Man airport (EGNS) via Carlisle airport (EGNC) and the Dean's Cross VOR (DCS):

Press "Add". This will produce the following route in SkyVector:

To generate your Pilot's nav LOG (PLOG) -- including automated wind & weather, magnetic deviation, sunlight etc, copy-and-paste the list of waypoints into the subject-line of an email and send it to

In a few seconds you will receive an email with your PLOG as an attached PDF file. Here's the first two pages of the PLOG you will receive:

That's all there is to it !

Click here for another detailed example of using our free email nav planning service.

Enjoy !