Saturday 15 March 2014

iNavCalc: a complete flight planning solution for SkyVector

Update 18 April 2017: completely re-written iNavCalc mobile apps enable export to SkyVector via GoogleMaps

Update 11 May 2014: my brand new Really Simple Moving Map web-app has full route import and export inter-operability with SkyVector (in addition to the iNavCalc / SkyVector interoperability described below)

A while back I posted about SkyVector and talked about some very basic inter-operability with iNavCalc via the command-string interface common to both.

I hadn't taken another look at SkyVector in almost two years. But when I did, I was pleased to see that they have now provided Plain Text Link URL functionality. I've now adapted this to enable complete two-way intercation between SkyVector and iNavCalc. This enables you to combine the full power of iNavCalc for performing route calculations, planning, and sharing, with the full power of SkyVector for viewing & editing the route on (global) aviation charts.

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions for converting routes between iNavCalc and SkyVector

Enjoy :)c