Tuesday 19 March 2013

Convert a gpx file to a Garmin fpl file

Update: the desktop browser version of the iNavCalc web-app now supports import & export of gpx and fpl files, making it simple to transform between the two formats in any either direction.

Update: with Version 3.0 of the iNavCalc mobile app on Android, you can now import a gpx file by clicking on the file (within the Android file-system, e.g., on the SDCARD), and then convert it to fpl via the iNavCalc email functionality, described below.

I'm often asked:

"How can I use iNavCalc to convert a gpx file to a Garmin-compatible fpl file ?"

The process is simple:

  • Using any email program, send a message to plogs@flylogical.com with the source gpx file as an attachment (the subject and body of the email can be blank)
  • A few moments later you will receive an email response with the desired fpl file attached (amongst a bunch of other useful things, which you can choose to ignore !). The fpl file format from this conversion has been successfully imported to Garmin 795 and 695 devices. Other Garmins might also be fine, but untested (at least to my knowledge).

[Requires that you have registered your email address with FlyLogical. You only need to do this once. Click here to register. It is FREE]