Friday, 1 March 2013

iNavCalc "Version Two Point Oh"

Update: iNavCalc now includes NOTAMs

Update: see recently-added Route Viewer which further extends the route-sharing capabilities of iNavCalc...

I'm pleased to announce the release of  iNavCalc v2.0 for iOS and Android (including Kindle Fire).  If you already have v1.0 installed on your mobile device, the upgrade will be available automatically via the respective app store. If you're one of those people who prefer to wait for "Version 2.0" before trying new app, then here it is.

Main features

Enhancements to Routes and PLOG generation (compared with v1.0):

  • Google Maps page for entering & editing routes -- despite what the experts say about small digital maps being bad for your brain, I do admit they are handy, so I've gone ahead and leveraged the power of the Google Maps API v3.x in the iNavCalc mobile app. Also included touch-screen conveniences such as "double-click-to-delete-waypoint" and "click-leg-to-insert-waypoint with rubber-banding", etc.

  • Waypoint search/lookup against FlyLogical database of more than 43,400 airports and 11,100 navaids across 242 countries -- bringing to the iNavCalc mobile app the same database and search facility as available via the iNavCalc web-app. You can extend the database with your own custom waypoints (via the iNavCalc web-app) which then become available to the iNavCalc mobile app
  • Automated Geosearch (if FlyLogical database lookup unsuccessful) -- bringing to the iNavCalc mobile app the power and convenience of geosearch 
  • Route-Editor page for convenient Waypoint list manipulation -- let's you quickly edit and re-order your waypoints in your route, a handy companion to the Map page

  • Generate PLOG directly from Map or Route-Editor screens -- complementing the command-string (email subject-line) interface for rapid PLOG generation and GPX / FPL file creation/export
  • Comprehensive suite of Parameter-Edit screens (for applying PLOG generation control parameters without having to type them in) -- leverages the power of the entire set of iNavCalc command-line parameters via an easy-to-use UI

  • Assorted UI improvements and minor bug fixes

Brand new feature in this release:

  • TLB and SQUEEK ("TLB" stands for "Twitter Locator Beacon", a play on "PLB" -- "Personal Locator Beacon")
  • Broadcast your location to whoever may be listening (via Twitter). I call this "SQWEEKING" (a play on "tweeting" and "squawking") 
  • Typical usage would be, for example, to announce to the world that you have landed safely, etc.

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