Sunday 16 March 2014

Bulldog Weight and Balance Android App

I've wrapped my recently-published Bulldog Weight & Balance web app into an Android mobile app. The functionality of the mobile app is identical to the web app, but with the added convenience of having an on-screen icon which you can simply tap to activate, rather than having  to remember which URL to browse to.
You can download the app for free from the Amazon AppStore by clicking here from your Kindle or Android device. Note: if you are using a general (non-Amazon) Android device rather than a Kindle, you will first need to download the Amazon Appstore App to your device from here (since the Bulldog Weight & Balance app is distributed via Amazon rather than Google).

Saturday 15 March 2014

iNavCalc: a complete flight planning solution for SkyVector

Update 18 April 2017: completely re-written iNavCalc mobile apps enable export to SkyVector via GoogleMaps

Update 11 May 2014: my brand new Really Simple Moving Map web-app has full route import and export inter-operability with SkyVector (in addition to the iNavCalc / SkyVector interoperability described below)

A while back I posted about SkyVector and talked about some very basic inter-operability with iNavCalc via the command-string interface common to both.

I hadn't taken another look at SkyVector in almost two years. But when I did, I was pleased to see that they have now provided Plain Text Link URL functionality. I've now adapted this to enable complete two-way intercation between SkyVector and iNavCalc. This enables you to combine the full power of iNavCalc for performing route calculations, planning, and sharing, with the full power of SkyVector for viewing & editing the route on (global) aviation charts.

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions for converting routes between iNavCalc and SkyVector

Enjoy :)c

Saturday 1 March 2014

Bulldog Triplog Template

When I bought my Bulldog almost ten years ago, the previous owner very kindly provided me with a Microsoft Excel file containing a Trip Log template which I've been using ever since. A few years ago, I modified the template to include the new information required for Fatigue Monitoring (e.g., undercarriage leg serial numbers etc). I've been printing-off the template (20 blanks at a time) and filling them in after each flight. These have then been used as the basis for my submission to DHSL for annual fatigue monitoring.

I recently migrated the Excel document to a GoogleDocs Spreadsheet (screenshot below). I'm pleased to make this template available to any Bulldog operators who may find it useful. You can find it here.

Simply print-off some copies as you need them and fill them in manually, or make a digital copy to your own GoogleDrive (if you have a Google account), and customise to your own needs (e.g., type-in your particulars such as aircraft registration, undercarriage leg serial numbers, etc), then print-off copies as you need them.

For convenience, the template incorporates hyperlinks to my Bulldog Weight & Balance Calculator, my Bulldog Fatigue Index Calculator, and my Bulldog Checklist, all freely-available to anyone who finds them useful.