Tuesday 4 October 2016

XUAS Ghost Squadron

What is XUAS Ghost Squadron?

XUAS (“ex UAS”) is a newly-formed “squadron” with xx667/JAFRY and xx546/BOLE as the founding members. Our mission is to continue enjoying the memories of all things UAS, including flying our Bulldogs as often as we can. Anyone with an association with the UAS is most welcome to “join” though there is no actual membership process. For now, simply register your potential interest by commenting on this Blog. Basically, we thought it would be a good idea to create some kind of loose forum for ex-UAS types to communicate. It seems there are quite a few of such people keen to make contact, whether it be around flying or social engagements.

Videos and Photos from our "Mini Flying Camp" which took place over the weekend of 1 October in celebration of UGSAS75.com


[YouTube] Bulldog 2-Ship arriving at EGPK (Prestwick) from EGNS (Isle Of Man) on 29 Sept 2016 as weather rapidly deteriorates

[YouTube] Bulldog 4-Ship transit from EGPK (Prestwick) to EGPF (Glasgow) on 1 October 2016

[YouTube] xx667 and xx546 return to EGNS (Isle of Man) from EGPF (Glasgow) on 2 October 2016

[YouTube] Formation Landing at EGNS



Yusuf Jafry and JP Robertson

JP just happy to be here

Sandy Bole

Robert Miller

Dave Rae

Kerr Johnston

G-BZFN, G-WINI, Yusuf Jafry, Sandy Bole,  outside the UGSAS Flying element

This next batch  "God Rays" over Lanarkshire was taken by JP Roberston from right-seat of xx667 (G-BZFN) during four-ship transit from Perth (EGPT) to Prestwick (EGPK) on 30 September 2016.

This next batch was taken by JP Roberston from right-seat of xx667 (G-BZFN) during four-ship transit from Prestwick (EGPK) to Glasgow (EGPF) on 1 October 2016.

These next two were taken by Sandy Bole of the four Bulldogs on the line at Perth (EGPT) and Glasgow (EGPF, on UGSAS pan)

...and it's not just Bulldogs that XUAS pilots are flying. Here's a picture of Gerry Robertson's (46 Entry) Grumman AA-5