Wednesday 27 February 2013

iNavCalc now available in Amazon AppStore

The iNavCalc mobile app (v3.0) is now available (for free) in the Amazon App Store. Click on the icon (on the left) to go to the iNavCalc listing on the Amazon App Store and install on your Amazon Kindle Fire (or any other Android device)...or simply search for iNavCalc within the App Store on your device, and install from there...

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Compatibility with Garmin 695 verified !

Many thanks to peterlondon posting on the UK Flyer Forum for successfully "field testing" the iNavCalc-generated ".fpl" formatted files on the Garmin 695. This complements my own testing on my Garmin 795 device.

[If anyone is able to test on the Garmin 796 or 1000 series, please share your experience. I'm confident -- though not certain -- that those should work, too. But successful "field tests" by someone with access to those devices would prove it once and for all...]