Friday, 5 April 2013

Seeing is Believing: announcing a FREE and open GoogleMaps route viewer

Update: as well as from iNavCalc emails and the iNavCalc web-app (described below), you can now access this #ROUTEVIEW functionality directly from the Route Share feature within the iNavCalc mobile app (Version 3.0 onwards). Click here for details (in the iNavCalc Mobile App Users' Guide)

You will notice that your iNavCalc PLOG emails now include a link to "view the route in GoogleMaps and share with anyone via browser, email, and Twitter".

This very simple but powerful feature enables you to view your route from any mobile or desktop browser. Moreover, by sharing the link with anyone (whether a registered FlyLogical user or not), they may also view your route. Additionally,  the viewer provides options for tweeting and emailing the route to your friends and followers. The email option automatically attaches the route exported in ".gpx" and ".fpl" file formats, providing extreme portability across people, applications, and devices.

As well as via the embedded links in the PLOG email explained above, you can open the viewer directly from the iNavCalc web-app route editor by clicking the (new) share buutton, as highlighted (yellow circle) in the screenshot below.

Last but not least, you can use the viewer to share routes created via any other software or device which supports the  ".gpx" or".fpl" formats (i.e., not just those generated by iNavCalc). Simply send the given ".gpx" and ".fpl" file as an email attachment to  . A few moments later you will receive an email with the route URL, which you can then share with anybody, as described above. You do not need to be a registered FlyLogical user to a access these features. They are open to everyone.

Give it a go !

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