Monday, 25 July 2016

Tweet your location for Pokemon Go

...or for any other reason you may wish to share your current location with your Twitter followers...

As a bit of fun, inspired by my kids' current addiction to Pokémon Go, I've added a "Beacon" feature to #ReallySimpleMovingMap. This enables you to share your current location with your Twitter followers. Simply open  #ReallySimpleMovingMap in your browser (with Location services enabled/authorised for the web-app), and click the "Beacon" button (lower-right of main page). This will give you the option to navigate to Twitter with a pre-cooked Tweet containing your current location (latitude and longitude) encoded in a URL. If you send that Tweet, your followers can click on the embedded link in the Tweet which will take them to #ReallySimpleMovingMap opened on your current position.

You can use this to broadcast your position for any reason whatsoever. For example, with an accompanying note such as "loads of Pokémon critters here five minutes ago!" etc...

(See my previous post for other recent additions to #ReallySimpleMovingMap)

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