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  1. Hi, requested a route this morning (EGTB LAM DOV LFAT) but got back a PLOG for (Route=Eglm,cpt,eghp,eghr;IAS=100;FUELFLOW=8)

    Neat output, though.


  2. Please try


    (the search algorithm got confused with DOV....did you mean the DVR VOR ?)

    1. Also, in scenarios like this, it can be helpful to use the longhand command syntax (to force the search to seek VORs etc)

      route=egtb, lam vor, dvr vor, lfat

      (a bit more typing, but greater precision and reduced ambiguity)

    2. A fair cop; I did mean DVR. However, it still doesn't love me:

      Your request parameter-string:



    3. May I ask, have you registered and _activated_ your account(by responding to the activation email) ? Otherwise it may be picking-up the last string submitted by a demo (unregistered) user. It is FREE to register and to use the service.

      I've tested your EGTB LAM DVR LFAT twice now. All seems to work fine...

    4. Ah didn't realise I needed to register... I'll give it another go.


    5. Ok, have registered, but now it seems that my request parameter-string is lost. Just not my lucky day!


    6. OK, let's try to sort this. Please can you confirm that:

      1) You registered an account name and email address at

      2)You received an activation/confirmation email at the address you provided in 1).

      3) You followed the activation instructions in the email in 2).

      4) If all of the above progressed as expected, you should now have a valid account at FlyLogical. To be sure, try logging-on to (via the login link located top-right of browser screen). Once you've proven that your login works, you can leave the site again (unless you wish to prepare a route via GoogleMaps etc).

      5) Now try submitting a PLOG-by-email again. Make sure you use the email account from 1) as the account from which you send the PLOG request. Specify your desired request-string on the subject-line.

      6) Moments later, you should receive a response with PLOG etc attached.

      7) Now send a another PLOG request email, this time leaving the subject-line blank. Moments later, you should receive another email with PLOG attached. The PLOG should be for the same route as before, demonstrating that your previous requested route has been "memorised" as desired (until you wish to change it!)

      If you still don't get the expected behaviour, please let me know how far you get in the above step-by-step process....

    7. Thanks for your patience. Got as far as step 4(a) "Notice that there's an option on the website to send the plog by email for a route created on the google map and click it" This worked, and got me a plog for the route on the map.

      However, when I tried 5), with "EGTB LAM DVR LFAT" as the subject line, I got:

      "Dear dragflap, your PLOG request was abandoned. Your specified waypoints list is empty.

      Your request parameter-string:


      Some devices do not send emails with blank subject-lines. In such cases, you can specify a single '.' on the subject-line instead of leaving it blank."

      I've checked that this has been sent and received from the same email account that I've registered. Any thoughts?


    8. Thanks, DF

      I believe the issue should now be resolved. Basically, LFAT was (somehow) flagged as "private" (and "owned" by my personal user account, which is why it worked in my tests)in the FlyLogical database. This meant when you specified it as a named waypoint on the subject-line, the parser refused access to your account for that particular waypoint, and then abandoned processing the whole route (by design!). The website method worked for you since the lat/lon is picked from the map if the parser can't resolve the name against a given account.

      Anyway, I've switched LFAT to "public", and all should now be well.

      Please try again and let me know how it works out.

      Note: this is a good example of what can happen when a waypoint is not resolvable by the parser. When I get this type of reaction from PLOGs-by-email, I go on to the website and create the waypoint and save it in the FlyLogical DB. That way the parser will recognise it thereafter....

      Thank you for persevering, and I hope you now find the apps useful (after these initial teething troubles...)

    9. Now seems to work well - thanks for your help! Looks like a great system.

      Just one observation: if the parser can't match a waypoint, the system appears to fall back to the previous route. Might be worth flagging in the email if the parser has had a problem or can't recognise a waypoint.

      E.g. I just asked for EGTB LEI NOT EGCV and got back a plog for Le Touquet... (Should have been just "LE")


    10. Excellent that it is working now.

      On your suggestion about failed waypoints, I agree that the current "failover" to last selected route is a bit awkward. What do you think would be more useful: (a) at the first encounter of an unresolvable waypoint, abandon the entire process, send an error message "at least one waypoint couldnt be resolved" in the email, with no PLOG; or (b) parser keeps going and attempts to build a route from those waypoints it *can* resolve, perhaps with a "route partially resolved" warning message in the email, resorting to plan (a) only if none of the waypoints can be resolved ?

      Thanks for your feedback, and please let me know if you have any further problems.

  3. Hi Yusuf

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you. I am an amateur pilot with a Garmin 795 and was struggling to find a good way to import flight plans onto that device. Your email system at FlyLogical is just a most wonderful resource and perfect for the task in hand.

    I very much appreciate the time and effort that you put into FlyLogical, and simply wanted to say thanks.

    Kind regards


    1. Howard

      Thank you for your comment. Glad you find the apps useful.

      Kind regards


  4. Excellent App! I registered, downloaded for iPad Mini Retina, received the email, but the data was in UK units, instead of the US units I specified in the app. Any ideas?

  5. Hi Tim

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad you like the App.

    To switch to "US" units, there are a few ways of doing this, as detailed below. Please try and let me know if it works out for you:.

    1) Via the iNavCalc command-string. Simply include a Culture parameter and generate a Plan, as in following example:

    route=ksfo,klax; culture=US

    The Culture parameter setting is "sticky", i.e., all your future PLOGs will be returned in US units until you choose to switch again

    2) Via the UI in the iNavCalc mobile app, as follows:

    -- Navigate to the Main Menu page (click any "coffee mug" icon)
    -- Click the settings icon ("cog", located bottom-center of Main Menu page
    -- Click Plan parameters (last entry in the App Settings list)
    -- Click the Units button (to make it colored orange rather than white)
    -- Click on Edit.. button located directly right of the Units button
    -- Select US (top of the list) and click OK
    -- Scroll to bottom of App Settings page page and click OK
    -- From Main Menu, select Plan (top entry)
    -- Click the Toggle... button to make it orange rather than white
    -- Click the Plan button. This will generate a PLOG, applying your US units setting, and "remembering" this setting until you choose to change it again

  6. Thx for your help. I tried the second option first, but it didn't "stick" so I tried the first option and it worked!

    Reviewed your profile. You're one smart dude. :)

  7. You're welcome. Glad it worked. Please let me know if you have any other questions re the App.

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