Friday, 20 May 2011

Announcing iNavCalc and iMetBrief

Update: iNavCalc V3.0 mobile app now released

Update: all described functionality now available via mobile app...

Flying season is upon us, so we'll cut to the chase: check out our brand new, free-to-use, flying apps designed by pilots, for pilots. First up is iNavCalc, our mega-powerful feature-packed email and web-based route navigation planning tool, complete with AutoMETic wind and weather calculations. To get started, send a blank email to and check the email response for further instructions. Check the documentation for detailed instructions.

Next up is iMetBrief, our simple but massively convenient TAF and METAR app which basically does what it says on the tin. Send a blank email to to get started.

(Our apps are freshly-minted, so don't expect perfection: simply use them if you find them useful, don't if you don't. Follow us on Twitter to keep in touch.)

Toes clear...
Fly Meister

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