Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fly the famous Isle of Man TT Mountain Course

The world-renowned TT motorcycle road-racing season is kicking-off on the Isle of Man. Over the next few weeks (30th May to 12th June 2011), this erstwhile tranquil & sleepy island in the middle of the Irish Sea transforms itself into petrol-head heaven. Mostly of the two-wheeled variety, but no need to get left out if you prefer two wings to two wheels. You can fly the TT course (above 3000 feet, you need to comply with air traffic at EGNS -- they operate TT airspace restrictions during the races, details by NOTAM). In a typical light aircraft you'll have little chance of beating the times achieved by the bikes. They complete a lap of the circuit in 15 minutes, reaching 200 mph or so on the straights. I've tried it in my Bulldog. Best I could achieve was little over 20 minutes... Click here to open the TT route in iNavCalc (requires registration).

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