Saturday, 17 August 2013

GoPro to YouTube

Want to upload your GoPro videos to YouTube ? Here's a simple step-by-step "how to" guide which works reliably with minimum hassle. Note: this guide is intended only for quickly getting your GoPro videos on to YouTube without any fancy editing (e.g., video effects, adding separate soundtracks etc). For such "fancy" editing etc, you will need to do more than presented here. 

Kit list

  • GoPro Hero2 (should also work with Hero3, but I haven't tried)
  • Windows 8 laptop (should also work with Windows 7 etc but I haven't tried)
  • Latest version of GoPro CineForm Pro software installed on Windows 8 laptop
  • Latest version of Microsoft Windows Movie Maker installed on Windows 8 laptop

Steps to follow

  1. Connect GoPro camera directly to laptop via USB, or remove the SD card from the camera and insert into an SD cardreader on laptop
  2. Use CineForm Pro to "Import & Convert" videos (or partial clips extracted from videos) from camera source video files. The built-in Users' Guide gives step-by-step instructions. This is a simple procedure, especially after doing it a couple of times.
  3. Use Windows Movie Maker to load each clip from result of previous step, and export ("Save Movie") via the built-in "YouTube" format option. Simple procedure.
  4. Upload each clip from result of previous step to YouTube.

There are of course many other combinations of platforms, tools and procedures to achieve the same result, but in my opinion the above approach is the best and simplest, based on my own recent experiments with various approaches. So far, I've never had an upload rejected by YouTube when I've followed these steps. By contrast, previous attempts via different paths also worked but often led to (frustrating) rejections from YouTube.

Hope you might find this useful.

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