Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bulldog and Chipmunk Formation Meet

A couple of weeks after the last-ever Leuchars airshow, we took the Bulldogs to the BullChipMeet held at Sywell (EGBK) near Northampton, UK, over the weekend 22--23 September 2013. This event focuses on formation flying training. Here is my video and picture diary from the excellent two days flying, made more challenging due to the mixed aircraft types, the Chipmunk being less powerful than the Bulldog.

Here's the route (generated using  iNavCalc RouteView) we flew in to EGBK from EGSF where the aircraft were positioned after Leuchars.

Video Diary: 7-ship (5 Chipmunks, 2 Bulldogs) Formation flypast over Cranfield (EGTC)

Here's the route (generated using  iNavCalc RouteView) for the flypast.

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