Friday, 6 September 2013

RAF Leuchars Airshow 2013

A collection of videos and pictures from RAF Leuchars Airshow 2013. Posted in reverse-chronological order (homeward-bound, airshow day, arrival). Rather sad that this was the last ever Leuchars Airshow, but delighted and privileged to have been part of this little piece of history.

Videos from Bulldog formation flight home 8 September 2013

Here's the route (generated using  iNavCalc RouteView) we flew home. It took 3 hours 10 minutes in a 10 knot head-wind. Longest duration flight I've ever done in my Bulldog!

Videos from flightline 7 September 2013

Photos of flying display 7 September 2013

This collection of aerial shots was taken  by my friend JP Robertson

Photos from the flightline 7 September 2013

An assortment of pictures taken whilst walking down the flightline on 7 September

Bulldog Formation Arrival 6 September 2013

Some GoPro video clips taken from the cockpit of my ex-RAF Bulldog xx667 arriving at Leuchars in formation with Bulldog xx546 on Friday 6 September 2013.

...and the route we flew from Prestwick (EGPK) (generated using  iNavCalc RouteView)  to get here.

Pictures from the flightline 6 September 2013

Some photos I took on the flightline at RAF Leuchars after parking-up the Bulldog. The plane-spotters will know what these are !


  1. who said it was the last ever airshow? MOD? The army are taking over the base - maybe the runways will be kept in a serviceable condition for the odd Herc or Atlas to upload troops.

    1. Yes, there was a formal announcement at the show. That said, apparently the runways (and presumably some minimal ATC function?) will remain open as a backup for Lossiemouth (Inverness airport doesn't like the idea of armed jets taxiing near their terminal !! etc). Also, the University Air Squadron Grob Tutors will apparently continue to operate from Leuchars.

      There is rumour of East Fortune or Prestwick "taking over" as the airshow host, but nothing decided. But the Leuchars Airshow, per se, does seem to be a piece of history now :( I will miss it. It was a great event. Took the Bulldogs there four times...