Saturday, 16 September 2017

Parking your way to fitness

You don't need a car to participate in Parking Radar (for iOS and Android). When out walking, running, cycling, etc., whenever you see a parking spot not already on the map simply grab it (by tapping the I'M PARKED HERE button). Takes only a few moments, and helps everyone by enhancing the database by including more and more potential parking spots -- and good for you, too, if you do ever happen to get in a car again. You might get some funny looks when grabbing spots-- but it is surely worth it for the thrill of being plugged-in to The (Parking) Matrix. And remember to KEEP SAFE. You do not need to step on to the road to grab a spot. Anywhere within 3m (10 feet) of the spot will do fine.

Guide to Parking Spot validity

Please only "grab" spots that meet the following criteria:
  • Must be a legal parking spot as defined by local laws and regulations
  • Must be publicly available in principle, either free (including disc zones) or paid
  • NO private driveways
  • NO reserved parking spots (or spots restricted to clients of a specific business)
  • Generally accessible all year, not just for special events
  • Must be suitable for cars (i.e., not just motorbikes etc.) 
By adhering to these guidelines you well help ensure the quality control of the database.

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