Friday, 17 August 2012

From wherever to Timbuktu....

Ever wondered where Timbuktu is, and how far it would take you to fly there from your home base ? Simply send an email to  with the following subject-line:

EGNS Timbuktu

For example, via gmail

...and you will receive a PLOG with all the associated navigation route calculations  (as long as you have previously registered your email address with I've used EGNS (Ronaldsway, Isle of Man) as my starting point since this is my home base, but you would specify whatever you like. The distance for me would be 2244 nm, and would take me 20 hours 56 minutes flying time in my Scottish Aviation Bulldog, requiring 6 fuel stops.

This (meant to be a fun) example demonstrates the combination of the latest powerful updates to iNavCalc. Namely, (i) the further-simplified email subject-line parser; and (ii) the addition of a global aviation waypoints database (courtesy of which conveniently happens to include GATB (Timbuktu airport in Mali, Africa!).

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