Friday, 17 August 2012

The world is your oyster

We have now added a comprehensive list of over 43,400 airports and 11,100 navaids across 242 countries to the FlyLogical iNavCalc global database. This enables you to plan your flight anywhere in the world via the iNavCalc email subject-line command interface, or the GoogleMaps web-browser interface. The global aviation data is courtesy of, a very useful (and free) community-maintained aviation web resource. If you wish to add or edit any entries, you can do so directly via We will refresh the FlyLogical  iNavCalc database routinely, based on the updated database.

Here are some screenshots taken from the FlyLogical  iNavCalc GoogleMaps web app illustrating the newly-added airports and navaids (just visit to get started).

Accessing the database info within  iNavCalc GoogleMaps page

Use the Info tab (located near top-left of screen, oriented vertically, highlighted in following screenshot) on the iNavCalc Map page to access the panel for showing/hiding the airports, navaids (and other waypoints such as user custom waypoints, etc).

Example: Airfields in Scotland 

Example: Airfields in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Example: Airfields in Germany

 Example: Navaids (VOR, DME, NDB) in New Zealand

 Example: Airfields and navaids (VOR, DME, NDB) in the vicinity of Johannesburg, South Africa


Example: Helipads in France

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