Friday, 17 August 2012

Keeping it simple

Based on user-feedback, we have improved the iNavCalc email subject-line parser to incorporate a simplified route mode option. This enables you to specify your route by simply listing the waypoint identifiers, separated by spaces, as the sole content of the email subject-line. For example, a direct route from Los Angeles International to San Francisco International can be obtained by specifying


as the sole content of the email subject-line. For example, see screenshot from gmail:

Send this email to (no body-text required), and you will receive your pilots log (PLOG) and MET within seconds. Moreover, this route is 'sticky' and will be remembered in your following plog requests (until such time as you specify a different route via the email or web-browser interface). So, if you now send

you will receive a revised PLOG and MET for the same route (KLAX to KSFO) using the most up-to-date weather data. Likewise, by sending, for example

you will receive a PLOG and MET for the reverse route (KSFO to KLAX) using the most up-to-date weather data.

You can of course continue to use the more detailed command-line specifiers e.g.,

Route=KLAX, KSFO; ias=120; alt=5000

in order to combine with other attributes along with the route (see previous post for an introduction to the iNavCalc email  interface, and see the iNavCalc Users' Guide for a detailed description of all parameters available).

In combination with the recently-added global aviation waypoints database, you can now plan any route, anywhere in the world, via any device which supports email. Better still, it is completely free. You can also export your planned routes to your favourite moving-map app via email as long as the app supports the open-standard  GPX file format. See previous post with examples on how to transfer routes to/from SkyDemon and AirNavPro on the iPad.

For completeness, here's the same route displayed on iNavCalc's GoogleMap interface...

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