Friday, 17 August 2012

Bulldog checklist available for download

For anyone who flies the legendary Scottish Aviation Bulldog (like me), I've made the Flight Reference Cards ("checklist") available as a PDF download here (also listed under TECHNICAL RESOURCE LINKS on right-hand menu). Please feel free to grab it, use it, distribute it, as you wish.

I've styled the checklist based on the original RAF version (for the Bulldog T Mk1), with some modifications for the the post-RAF civilian version (Series 120/121), and with some specific adaptations to my own aircraft (G-BZFN) and usage-preferences such as "don't power on the intercom or radios until after starting the engine" (to avoid damaging the avionics with engine-induced voltage spikes), etc. You will recognize such changes as you read through the checklist.



  1. Hi
    I have just started flying training on the Bulldog and have been looking everywhere on the net for a Bulldog Checklist then found your site.
    Thanks ever so much for making these available for budding Bulldog pilots like myself.
    With kind regards

  2. Mark,

    You are welcome. Glad you find the resource useful. Enjoy your Bulldog training. They are fabulous machines.